Idaho Agricultural Irrigation Rates

  • Low rates are a cornerstone of energy affordability.
  • Rates are designed to promote energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Collecting a portion of costs through a demand charge encourages efficient use of energy infrastructure and reduces cross subsidies among irrigation customers.

Why does hg8868皇冠下载 have a demand (kW) charge?

The demand charge collects a portion of the fixed cost associated with the size of the connected load and encourages the smallest size to do the job. To learn more about how to minimize the impact of the demand charge, please visit 灌溉效率奖励 或联系您的爱达荷州电力公司代表. To learn more about the terms used on your bill, view the 比尔的术语.  

例如, if one month a customer has a 计费 Demand of 10 kW and energy usage of 4,000千瓦时, 他们的法案将包括: 

计费需求10千瓦x $14.07 = $140.7
能源使用量4,000千瓦时x $00.057265 = $229.06

能源使用量4,000千瓦时x $00.067288 = $269.15

Schedule 24 Monthly Rates – Secondary 服务
服务费 $30.00 $6.00
需求收费(每千瓦) $14.06 $0.00
所有千瓦时(每千瓦) 5.7265¢  6.7288¢

To learn more, visit our web page outlining 季节性和非季节性的价格 对灌溉.